There has been a noticeable shift in focus to health and wellness, with wellness trends consistently rising and set to be the next trillion-dollar industry, according to Forbes Magazine. A quick check of the Instagram hashtag #wellness produces 30.2 million posts!

Wellness typically incorporates things like yoga, meditation, eating well, and journaling, with the ultimate goal of bringing more peace to our souls. When we self-reflect and become more aware of who we are at our core we may notice that we have not been fully feeding our souls. We are craving a more peaceful way of living and stillness within our hearts.

But isn’t it more than that really? I mean, if we could all truly meditate for 10 minutes a day, happiness magically appears, right?


Below are what I have found to be essential to having and maintaining a Peaceful Soul…which you can achieve at any time in your life in order to find serenity and tranquility.

1. Human Connection

The research reported by the National Institute on Aging ( suggests that while socialization is good for your physical health (boosting your immune system, for example), it is also beneficial to your mental health, aiding in the prevention of depression and dementia.

You can maximize these benefits by strengthening your relationships with friends, family members, romantic relationships, and ties to your communities, such as volunteering or joining a club…I know we are in a pandemic…there are online resources…check my next post!

2. Spirituality

A study done by Dr. Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D. (Psychology Today) shows that cultivating spirituality leads us to being more gracious, compassionate, self-actualized, and present in the moment, truly savoring life’s experiences. Peace is often defined as the absence of stress and anxiety, and not coincidentally, spiritual people report less stress and anxiety.

Spirituality does not require that we subscribe to a religion or believe in God, but rather simply have a connection to and belief in something greater than ourselves. We become more spiritual individuals when we understand our connection to the universe, live in harmony with our callings, and allow for synchronicity to lead the way.

3. Purpose

A peaceful soul is a soul fulfilling its purpose. Whether this be your professional career or your life’s work as a mentor or caregiver, our souls thrive on purpose. We also find value in bestowing our cumulative knowledge to others. Sharing our wisdom with others is one of life’s greatest gifts.

4. Joy

As children, we find delight in the world and joy in the simple things. We play, socialize, grant affection, and seek out the things we enjoy. When we are young, we cannot contain our excitement, however, we learn to suppress this joy and fill our days with the activities we feel are obligations rather than exciting life experiences. It is so important that we remember to engage in the things that bring us pure joy.

5. Creativity

Creativity allows you to be inspired and to bring your ideas to life. These may be creative endeavors in an artistic sense (such as painting or journaling) or entrepreneurial (such as building a brand or business). For me, you’ll find me in the kitchen, whipping up something new.

6. Inner & Outer Activity

Physical activity is meditation in motion. Movement gets our blood flowing and delivers copious amounts of oxygen to the brain, keeping it strong and healthy. When our mind is strong, our soul is strong. The same goes for getting our insides aligned. Making sure our chemistry is optimal sets us up for receiving those feel good hormones produced by exercise…in short, eat right.

7. Environment

The space in which you spend the majority of your time (your office and bedroom, for example) should be a space where you can breathe, relax, one that supports your needs, promotes balance, harmony, and well-being.

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, which was developed over thousands of years, says that our “environment affects us all and has an impact on our lives when at work or at home, either positively or negatively” (

By creating a more harmonious and balanced space, we are able to alleviate the subconscious feelings of distress that may be preventing us from living a more peaceful life.

We can achieve this balance by keeping our space free of clutter, adding green plants and meaningful items (such as photographs of loved ones or a piece of artwork from our travels), as well as utilizing the soothing and uplifting effects of certain colors.

And I might add here, the environment of our social circle matters too. Does your circle support you? That matters too.

When we bring more peace to our souls, we are truly living free.



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